Case Study: Cinema Room

Cinema Room

Audio Visual installations can be complicated, an understatement I can hear you say...

Multi-purpose cinema room

The secret is having the right specialist to give you up-to-date advice on purchase, system design and most of all, be expert in the installation and handover of the system. We all know that computers, iPads, even phones need updating on a regular basis. They occasionally need re-booting, a connection goes bad and the whole process gets frustrating for the end user. We understand this and therefore have strong links to people that can advise, can install and can help when you’re left to work things out when it goes wrong. These specialists will be able to log in remotely and sort things out in the background. They not only cover audio visual, but whole house automation and more.

The technology is fast moving and unless you’re dealing with this on a regular basis will be left behind, not least baffled. There are online reviews and I’m sure Which would have a few words to say about, but it still does not beat a proven specialist with many years of experience.

Cinema Room

As part of our design process we will co-ordinate with a specialist to make sure your requirements are met, the infrastructure is in place and there is a handover to you so you understand how the system works. We prefer to handle the whole system from internet connection to wireless configurations, down to heating and lighting controls. Automation is the buzz word at present, it is in it’s infancy and therefore this is why a specialist is so important.

Cinema Room with speakers

Over the years we have co-ordinated everything from the basic Sonos systems to elaborate whole house automation, from 9.1 surround sound cinema rooms to simple Sky Q installations from entertainment spaces with lighting and laser shows to programmable lighting.

If you are thinking of audio visual in your project please speak to us and we can advise accordingly.